ACP5080 Aluminium Cast Plate HCP5A83

ACP 5080,the high precision aluminum cast plate,is produced by our factory named HCP5A83, with precision surface machined on both sides to industry leading close tolerance standards. Thickness, flatness and surface finish offer very tight tolerances. Material stability and excellent processing characteristics make this aluminum alloy the right choice for fixtures, tools and general applications.They are usually used in small cutting size like 100*200mm,200*300mm ect.
ACP5080,also called as Ultra-Flatness Precision Aluminum Plate in china,and our factory named it HCP 5A83, is a 5xxx series precision aluminum cast plate.
acp5080 aluminium cast plate
Products ACP5080,HCP5A83,ATP-5,C250,
Alloy 5083
Process Homogenized and stress relieved
Minimum Order Quantity 5000 Kilograms
Surface Finish High Speed Milling
Thickness 5.0~100mm
Size/Dimension 1570X3020,or CNC Cutting as per the orders
Usage/Application Moulding,fixtures,high precision machinery
Thickness of casting plate  5.0~100mm  
Thickness   Width Range Length Range
5mm~10mm  30~1520mm 30~3020mm
10mm~15mm 30~1570mm 30~3670mm
15mm~100mm 30~1860mm 30~4000mm
Size Tolerance    
Thickness tolerance -0/+0.05mm
Width tolerance ±0.07mm
Length tolerance -0/+15mm
Width/Length for small
Flatness ≤0.30mm/(6.0~12mm)
 surface roughness(Ra) ≤0.4um

Grade Units ACP5080 HCP5A83
UltimateTensile Strength  UTS 290Mpa max. 240-290Mpa
Yield Strength  YS 130Mpa max. 110-130Mpa
Hardness HBW 70 70
Elongation at break % 16% min 12% min
Density g/cm³ 2.66g/cc 2.66g/cc
Thermal Conductivity 109-140 W/m-k 109-140 W/m-k
Electrical Conductivity   16-19ms/m(m/Ωmm²)
 Modulus of Elasticity 70.0Gpa 70.0Gpa

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