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aluminum foil roll

According to the material, the slitting machine is divided into: film slitting machine, paper slitting machine, cloth slitting machine, leather slitting machine, copper and aluminum foil slitting machine, etc. Aluminum foil slitting machine is one of the material slitting machines, which is usually most suitable for slitting thin paper, copper foil, aluminum foil, PVDC, and breathable film.

Slitting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that cuts wide-width paper, mica tape or film into multiple narrow-width materials. It is often used in paper-making machinery, wire and cable mica tape, and printing and packaging machinery. The slitting machine we generally use can also be called a slitting machine or can be used for rewinding. The slitting machine has a horizontal slitting machine and a vertical slitting machine. The vertical slitting machine is faster than the horizontal slitting machine.

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