How to prevent the oxidation of aluminium coil

    Aluminum coil roll will encounter corrosion and rust in its long term use.Therefore, during the process of aluminium coils manufacture,manufacturers will have rust prevention and anti-corrosion processing.MuSen Group,As a manufacturer, MuSen Groupwill give the following suggestions:

    Properly strengthen the storage space of anti-rust aluminum alloy coils, strengthen air drying management, and ensure that there is no moisture in the compressed air. Strengthen the management of rolling oil and control its peeling rate below 0.04%. And add an appropriate amount of desiccant to each roll.
     If the aluminium coils is placed in the wooden box, then we should ensure that the humidity of the wooden box is less than 18%, and the temperature of the aluminium coils can not be higher than 45 C. These two must pay attention.

    In high temperature, high humidity areas from the low temperature area, do not immediately open the sealed packaging workshop, warehouse. The roof has leaks, snow place should not be placed zinc aluminium coils.


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