Quoted from China Nonferrous Metals News

    US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross (Wilbur Ross) recently stated that the United States will impose new tariffs on aluminum sheet products worth US$1.96 billion from 18 countries, and the United Nations ruled that these products were dumped.
    He said that tariffs will be imposed on Germany and Bahrain immediately, and even the US Department of Commerce’s ruling on dumping is preliminary, Brazil, the Constitution, Egypt, Greece, India, India, Indonesia, Italy, Oman, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain and Turkey will also be included in this list.
    He said that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the increased consumption of certain products such as station wagons and boats in the United States increased the
importance of aluminum sheet pricing.
    The US International Trade Commission will make a final ruling in February 2021. The highest tariffs imposed on Germany ranged from 52% to 132%, followed by Bahrain.


    Description of Aluminium sheet – Aluminum sheet is used in heavy-duty commercial applications and it is machined to shape, and forms in desired dimensions. The aluminum alloy is getting tougher at very low temperature and this property made use this sheet to use in the cryogenic temperature range. This sheet can be anodized in multiple colors and it comes in a matte finish, polished and other surface finishes.

    Description of Aluminium plate- the aluminum plate is usually formed with the cold rolled process. First aluminum coils are pass-through continuous mil process in order to reduce the thickness of the slab and then after a pass through the cold rolling method. In order to increase the strength, it is further sent to the heat treatment process. Some sheet and plate are formed using the casting process and hot rolling method.

    The Aluminium Sheet & Plate has an outstanding ratio of strength to weight; it offers good resistance to corrosion and other chemical media. This sheet and plate of aluminum alloy are used in a vast number of commercial and domestic applications. This aluminum plate and sheet product is popular in a broader range of applications and it is highly applaudable.

    As a manufacturer, MuSen Group produce aluminum plates and aluminum plates of a large scale according to the given predetermined prerequisites. The sheet can be cut in different sizes, thicknesses and lengths. . We have skilled technicians and quality control team. We check our manufactured products during the production stage. Quoting with other suppliers, we provide this sheet at the best price. This is designed according to national and international standards.

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