Aluminum sheet price|Aluminum prices fluctuate sharply, and terminal companies need to be prepared

In the face of large fluctuations in aluminum prices, analysts said that due to the difficulty of price transmission to consumption links, terminal manufacturers bear the risk of large price fluctuations. In the future, under the influence of factors such as the epidemic and global monetary policy, aluminum prices will still face fluctuation risks. Relevant enterprises should do a good job in risk management and control.

Aluminum prices fluctuate sharply
Since October, aluminum prices have fluctuated sharply. London aluminum and Shanghai aluminum futures prices hit a new high in more than 13 years and a record high in mid-October, and then fell sharply.
"The main reason for the sharp rise in aluminum prices in the early stage was the tightening of supply, the continuous decline in the average daily output of aluminum, the increase in global energy prices, the soaring electricity costs, and the obvious global inflation trend. analyst.
Electrolytic aluminum is a high-energy-consuming enterprise. One ton of aluminum requires 13,500 kWh of electricity, which is equivalent to 5,500 kcal of thermal coal. One ton of aluminum requires about 5.5 tons of coal. Prior to coal prices rose sharply pushed up the price of electrolytic aluminum.

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