Carving Aluminum Plates


With high precision and high efficiency, CNC aluminum plate engraving technology can be used to form irregular and complex patterns and meet most architectural designs or needs.

Drawing on the exquisite art of carving in ancient times, aluminum plate engraving refers to the use of modern technology to carve various patterns on aluminum plates through computer numerical control machine tools.


Carving Aluminum Plates

Aluminum plate engraving is mainly performed by an engraving machine for cutting or embossing. The patterns that can be engraved and processed on aluminum plates are also varied. Generally speaking, according to your reference chart, various scenery, signage, avatars, text, and other patterns can be realized.

The thicker the aluminum plate is, the more three-dimensional the engraving will be, and the cost price will of course be relatively higher.


CNC cutting thicker sheets of aluminum is popular in decoration and construction. Thicknesses of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm are the most common. The thicker aluminum sheet is more durable than other alloys in construction, so the engraving will start more with the 5000 and 6000 series aluminium plate, and some projects will sometimes use 3003 aluminium sheets for wall panel engraving.
Alloy 3003,5005,5052,5754,5083,5182,6061,T491(CN)
Temper O,F,H32,H111,H112
Minimum Order Quantity 5000~8000 Kilograms
Surface Finish Mill Finished
Thickness 6.0 mm - 80 mm
Size/Dimension 4'X8',5'X10',1500*3000,1800*5000,1800*6000 Or as per orders.
Usage/Application Carving,Decorative window grille,Art craft,Screen,etc.
Standards GB/T3880.2012

Aluminum Carved Facade Panels

More and more buildings are using engraved aluminum panels to reflect the beauty of art. Due to the characteristics of aluminum veneer, it can be shaped and processed in combination with different styling environments, which is perfect for the decoration of modern buildings.

Aluminium-carved exterior wall panels are one of the choices for building facades because of their versatility and lightness. Aluminum facade cladding panels are made of thicker panels to provide better wind and weather resistance. Different finishes can also provide a more attractive look to make your exciting designs a reality.

Carving Aluminum Plates


Why Is Aluminum Plate Engraving Popular?

Aluminum panel engraving breaks the situation that aluminum veneer is used as simple patterns. By engraving various patterns on aluminum panels, simple aluminum panels can produce sensory and visual feelings that suit different environments and different buildings.



Carved aluminum plate as a carving art is cleverly applied to modern architectural decoration, bringing us fashionable, beautiful, and personalized art decoration. Haven't found what you are looking for? MUSEN can provide you with expert advice on carving aluminum plates.

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