China aluminum supplier|What are the precautions for mold manufacturing of aluminum housing?

Compared with metal iron, the material of aluminum shell is softer, expensive, easy to break, some aluminum wire drawing, and even need post-processing, such as anodizing, especially the top of the extrusion production process is prone to scratches. Therefore, in order to effectively ensure the quality of the aluminum housing, we must pay special attention to mold manufacturing.
Precautions for mold manufacturing of aluminum housing:
1. Aluminum is brittle and easy to crack. Try not to make crimping. Even if you do it, please make the wire wider and shallower.
2. In the process of bending and forming, the aluminum shell is likely to be indented and scratched during the bending process. When the aluminum shell is stamped, the aluminum must be pasted with PE film. In the case of rollers and electroplating, the forming block should be Hard chrome after grinding and electroplating.
3. When assembling the splitter die, the repairer of the aluminum shell extrusion die should use a copper rod to gently beat it, and it is not allowed to use a big hammer to slam it, so as to avoid excessive force and shake the die.
4. The aluminum material is relatively soft, because the mold is more likely to cause blockage, so when modifying the gap of the mold, a gap of 10% of the thickness of the material on both sides needs to be placed, and the straightness of the cutting creation is suitable for 2MM, and the taper is 0.8-1.
To sum up, it is the precautions for mold manufacturing of aluminum housing. I hope to help you. At present, in the industries of instrument, meter, electronics, communication, automation, sensor, smart card, industrial control, precision machinery, etc., Aluminum alloy materials are used in material selection.

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