Demand on the status quo of aluminum plates

Demand on the status quo of aluminum plates
         Overproduction in the five major areas of supply of aluminum plate materials-the supply of aluminum plate materials, ceramic aluminum plates, punched aluminum plates, aluminum ceilings, meshes, aluminum plates, carved aluminum plates, shaped tiles, aluminum plates, and other products. The analysis of overcapacity in five areas "started from 100 million tons to 800 million tons now. Still talking about overcapacity," the deputy secretary-general of the China Iron and Steel Association said in an interview with "China Investment". Recently, the China Iron and Steel Association announced that China's steel production capacity had reached 800 million tons at that time, but in practice, the compliant steel production capacity was only 400 million tons, and 400 million tons of production capacity had not been approved by the state.
        Since being put on the hat of overcapacity in 1999, the capacity of the steel industry has continued to expand from time to time as demand increases. On the basis of demand forecasts, the state has continuously and seriously formulated plans for the capacity expansion of the steel industry. However, because demand has repeatedly broken the planned production capacity, the market's production capacity has also repeatedly broken the national plan. For example, in the State Councils Steel Property Adjustment and ZTE Planin early 2009, Chinas crude steel consumption in the past was predicted to be 430 million tons, but the actual consumption in the past reached 570 million tons. The China Iron and Steel Association estimates that the consumption of crude steel will reach 680 million tons, while the state-approved steel production capacity was only 400 million tons at that time. There are still 400 million tons of illegal production capacity in the market that will compensate for the demand gap.
         In fact, in the past 10 years of micro-control of aluminum plate data, Chinas steel, cement, non-ferrous metals and other industries have been continuously defined as "overcapacity" industries, and they have been applied to relatively serious construction sites, fiscal and taxation, and project approvals. Various types of property policies.

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