How to extend the service life of aluminum plates?

Aluminum plate is a smooth, beautiful, and corrosion-resistant material, and its main component is high-purity aluminum. It is very common in our factories, parks and home environments and is used as chairs and tableware.

1. Clean up the stains and oil stains on the surface in time. Wipe the surface with a low-pH solvent. If the concentration is high, it is easy to cause corrosion to the aluminum plate, causing the aluminum plate to change its appearance, surface quality and performance under corrosion damage, thereby reducing the effect. Therefore, please remember not to clean the hot cardboard surface (when the temperature exceeds 40 degrees), because the water volatilizes too fast to the baking effect of the cardboard surface!

2. When cleaning aluminum plates, everyone needs to choose suitable cleaning tools, such as soft cotton cloth. In order to ensure that there is no excessive friction on the surface of the aluminum plate during cleaning and wiping, and also to ensure that the cloth used does not shed hair. Otherwise, after cleaning the dirty surface of the aluminum plate, the towel will still exist, which will still affect the decorative effect of the aluminum plate.

3. People should pay attention to the frequency and time of cleaning to avoid excessive cleaning frequency, which is not conducive to prolonging the service life of aluminum plates. At the same time, people should also pay attention to avoid cleaning when the aluminum plate is still at a high temperature, and pay attention to washing off the detergent during the cleaning process.

The application field of aluminum plate is very wide, and good maintenance of the product is conducive to the later use of the product.

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