The cause of damage to the profiled aluminum plate.

The profiled aluminum plate is a profiled plate that is rolled and cold-formed into various waveforms. From production to packaging to use, if it is carefully handled and handled, its surface will not be damaged. So what are the reasons for the damage of the pressed aluminum plate?

1. Material

Impurities are attached to the surface of the ingot, and there are a lot of segregation floats on the surface of the ingot, and the ingot is not homogenized, or the effect is not good during the homogenization process, and there is a certain amount of hard metal in the ingot Particles, when the metal flows through the working belt during the extrusion process, these segregated floats or hard metal particles adhere to the surface of the working belt or cause damage to the working belt, thereby causing scratches on the surface of the pressed aluminum plate.

2. Processing

There are debris on the mold cavity or working belt of the pressed aluminum plate, and the hardness of the working belt of the mold is low, so that the surface of the working belt is injured during extrusion, and the aluminum plate profile is scratched.

3. Sundries scratched

There is exposed metal on the discharge track or swing bed, or there are hard inclusions in the graphite strip, when it comes into contact with the profiled aluminum plate, it will scratch the surface of the profiled aluminum plate.

4. Fork rod

When the aluminum plate is sent to the swing bed from the discharge rail by the fork rod, the profile collision is caused due to the excessive speed.

5. Artificial drag

The profiled aluminum plate is dragged on the swing bed to cause scratches, and the profiles are rubbed or squeezed to cause damage during transportation. Therefore, be very careful when working, and handle the pressed aluminum plate carefully to avoid scratches.

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