Three methods of straightening aluminum plates.

The aluminum plate needs to be straightened before it leaves the factory, and the straightening method is not a single one, and it needs to be adjusted according to the condition of the aluminum plate. The following briefly introduces three methods of aluminum plate straightening.

1. The method of stretching and straightening aluminum plate.

Stretch straightening is also called tension straightening, which is divided into two categories: single-sheet stretch straightening and continuous stretch-bending straightening.

After flatness and improvement of finishing and straightening efficiency, a new stretch-bending and straightening process suitable for continuous production has been gradually developed in recent years, and a dedicated continuous operation production line has been built, which has played a good role in actual production.

2. Multi-roll straightening method for aluminum plates.

The process of using a multi-roll straightening machine to straighten the plate is to produce a bending plastic deformation of the plate through repeated bending of the plate, reduce the residual stress and residual deformation of the plate, so as to eliminate the wave and warpage of the plate, and make the plate flat. Straight plates.

3. The method of flattening and straightening the aluminum plate.

Make the surface of the aluminum sheet bright and straight, eliminate edge bending and waves, and use a flattening machine for flattening and straightening. Due to the large diameter of the work roll of the leveling machine, the surface finish is high, and the pressure during rolling is small, so that the forward slip of the rolled metal is large, so that not only can the plate be straight, but also the surface of the plate can be brightened. Beautiful.

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