What are the advantages of aluminum grating compared to steel grating? | aluminium chequered plate

Material saving: The most economical way to withstand the same load conditions, while reducing the material of the lower support structure.
Simple construction: Use special locking fasteners to lock the prefabricated support, which can be completed by one person without welding.
Time saving: The product does not require on-site secondary processing, and the installation is simple and fast.
Durable: The material itself is corrosion-resistant, and the structural characteristics make the aluminum grating have strong impact resistance and heavy pressure resistance.
Beautiful appearance: beautiful appearance, standard design, ventilated and light, giving people a neat and smooth feeling, full of modern flavor.
Lightweight structure: less materials, light structure, easy to hoist. Compared with steel grating, the weight per unit area is only one third of that of steel grating.
Anti-fouling: Does not accumulate rain, ice, snow and dust.
Reduce wind resistance: Good ventilation and low wind resistance, reducing sharp damage.
Simple design: No need for small support beams at the bottom, simple design, users do not need to design detailed drawings of aluminum gratings, only indicate the model and layout
Reduce investment: The product is durable and does not require replacement, cleaning and maintenance for many years.
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