Why are aluminum plates widely used in ships?

Aluminum plates have been used in the shipbuilding industry for a long time, but a large number of practical applications are in modern ships, so why are aluminum plates widely used in ships? Because aluminum plate has low density, high strength, high rigidity and corrosion resistance, it is more suitable for shipbuilding. And its processing cost is lower, so it is more economical for shipbuilding.

Reasons why aluminum plates are used in shipbuilding:

1. Due to the low density of aluminum plate, it is lighter than other materials. The total weight of the aluminum plate ship is 15% to 20% lighter than that of the steel plate ship. The fuel consumption will also greatly reduce its weight, so aluminum-made ships are more stable, more convenient to operate, and stronger in transportation capacity.

2. The aluminum plate is corrosion-resistant, reduces maintenance costs such as oil film, and prolongs the service life.

3. The aluminum plate has good processing and forming performance, easy to cut, stamping, cold-formed, forming and cutting, and other forms of processing, suitable for streamlined hull; it can extrude large wide and thin-walled profiles, reduce the number of welds, and make the hull structure reasonable and weight light.

4. Aluminum plate has good welding performance and convenient welding. The modulus of elasticity is small, the ability to absorb impact stress is large, and the safety factor is large. No low temperature brittleness, suitable for low temperature equipment.

5. The aluminum plate is easy to recycle and can be recycled. Because it is non-magnetic, the compass will not be affected.

Ships made of aluminum plates can reach higher speeds and longer service lives. These advantages of aluminum plate make its application on ships develop rapidly.

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