How much do you know about the characteristics of perforated aluminum sheet

The perforated aluminum plate has the characteristics of light weight, rich style, uniform color, energy saving and environmental protection, which can greatly reduce the load of the building structure and foundation. It can not only solve the problem of light pollution caused by the glass curtain wall, but also has good noise reduction and sound insulation Shading and decorative effects.

The hole size and pattern of the perforated aluminum plate can be carefully processed and designed according to the needs. The holes of different sizes, densities and shapes form different translucent visual effects.

The secondary processing of the perforation process changes the consistent image of the metal sheet being airtight. By artificially controlling the shape, size, density, arrangement rules and other factors of the holes, a new hollow texture of the metal sheet is created. The material with holes makes the building skin have a glass-like light transmittance and also has the function of ventilation, which reduces the weight of the skin to a considerable extent, and makes the building skin increasingly move towards the direction of lightness and thinness.

The perforated aluminum plate has a variety of hole shapes and different arrangements. While the shape is beautiful, the decorative effect is very good. It is easier to help architects and designers to meet their own design ideas and concepts, and to give buildings more styles and designs. .

On the facade of the building, the perforated aluminum plate is used on the outer layer of the glass curtain wall, which can play a good role in shading, thereby reducing the impact of solar radiation on the interior, blocking direct sunlight, preventing glare, and making the indoor illumination evenly distributed. for the normal operation of vision.

With the support of modern advanced technology and the unique conception and design of architects, the perforated aluminum plate no longer exists only in a regular and homogeneous form, but has more and more abundant material forms. Its "perforation" is no longer a simple homogeneous array of regular geometric shapes such as circles and squares, but gradually evolves into various beautiful patterns or patterns, and begins to have a richer variety of artistic material forms, creating Visually stunning architectural works.

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